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Royal Greenwich Observatory...

...is observatory in London. It´s the oldest observatory in the UK. Here he was appointed prime meridian for measuring time zones around the world.


Royal Greenwich Observatory, founded by King Charles II. in 1675. Scientists were asked to examine the positions of the planets, navigation and time. The observatory began in 1767 to publish his magazine called The Nautical Almanac. The magazine was first published article, which constituted the prime meridian for the calculation of the time all over the world. In 1884, the Prime Meridian was recognized at an international conference. Originally the meridian is marked only the brass band on the ground in front of the observatory, but now the sky is lit green laser beam.
The oldest building is the Royal Greenwich Observatory, Flamsteed House, built by the greatest English architect Sir Christopher Wren as early as 1675. It was intended for the first Astronomer Royal, John Flamsteed. His office has an octagon shape. Another was the royal astronomer Edmund Halley, the comet is named. At 18 and 19 century further buildings were built the Meridian Building, the Great Equatorial Building. Institute of the Royal Observatory is now part of the University of Cambridge.


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